GEICO Jewelry Insurance Coverage Policy Quote

GEICO insurance company provides you protection for your jewelry. Jewelry reminds you special moments in the past which are very personal for us and they are precious moments of our life. Jewelry is personal thing. They may be gifted to you by your loved ones. This symbol of love may get damaged in future or it may get stolen. So for helping you to protect your jewelry GEICO insurance company provides you best coverage’s by teaming up with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group. This company is protecting jewelry for over 100 years. Your jewelry requires good protection on which you can trust blindly and this is possible for you due to GEICO. GEICO jewelry insurance provides you desirable coverage which also includes coverage’s for unexplained losses of jewelry which may not be covered by any other standard insurance policies as well as they may not be covered by warranties.

GEICO Jewelry Insurance Coverage Policy Quote

What are Things Covered in Jewelry Policy of GEICO?

The GEICO policy covers various things like loss, theft, damage, disappearance etc. GEICO covers the loss of jewelry so you don’t need to panic for example when you left your bracelet in public washroom the bracelet is out there somewhere but you are not able to find it. The coverage for theft includes for example when someone steals your bracelet or neck less on road. It also includes coverage for damages for example your bracelet fallen from high region on the floor and got broken then it may be covered as accidents happen unfortunately. It also includes coverage for disappearance for example your jewelry just gets disappeared which includes possibility of stolen, lost or felling off so you don’t need to worry it is covered in this policy. 

Following Things are NOT Covered in Jewelry Insurance

If the damage of your jewelry is caused by specific span of time due to wear and tear of jewelry which may lead to scratches then this may not be recovered in your policy. The damages which are caused by war and authority may not be recovered in this policy. Intentional things or actions done by you such as you try to sell your jewelry to someone and check given by him or her bounces then this may not be covered by your policy. If your jewelry is nibbled by insects then coverage for this may also not be included in your policy.

How much is the cost of jewelry insurance coverage policy of GEICO?

The jewelry rates are not constant for everyone they vary on the location where you live. But for most of the people jewelry insurance costs 1 to 2 percentage of the value of jewelry. For example If the cost of jewelry is 10000 dollar then you have to insure 100 dollars per year.

How to Get Jewelry Insurance Policy Quote Online

For applying for quote of GEICO jewelry insurance policy you have to follow the procedure given below so it can be easy for you to instantly and rapidly apply for a free quote with affordable plans.

  • Firstly you have to visit official web site of GEICO insurance company that is here you have to click on menu button which is located at left top corner from your side of view.
  • Then you have to click on insurance option and you will see that there are various sub options with different type of insurance. Here you have to select Additional insurance option.
  • In additional insurance option you can see jewelry insurance option when you click on that option you are directed to next page where you have to click on Start Quote option.
  • On next page you have to provide details like ZIP Code of your location and you have to tell them about your jewelry item with its value.
  • You can also add more items if you wish to insure them all.
  • After that you have to click on SHOW MY QUOTE option.
  • Then on next page you will get details about deductible plans from which you can select one as per your desire.
  • After that you can just select one plan as per your need or desire and you can click on Apply For Coverage option.

Why is it necessary to have GEICO jewelry insurance policy?

Having a jewelry insurance policy is personal choice of individuals. Some of them consider jewelry as most important part of their life while some of them do not. You can ask yourself about this question to find right answer.

By getting jewelry insurance of GEICO you can easily protect your jewelry piece. It’s better to have protection before so you can easily find out coverage for your lost, damaged, stolen piece of jewelry. Also while buying this insurance policy you do not need appraisal documentation. Also in this policy you can choose your own deductibles also this policy from GEICO provides you worldwide travel protection, you can choose and work with your choice of jeweler and you don’t need to have multiple estimates. They provide you fast claim service and they are happy to help you out from policy related problems. GEICO provides you affordable coverage’s with low deductibles.

How to Contact GEICO representative

You can contact to customer service of GEICO on 888 903-9174 for sales purpose you can contact from Monday to Friday from 7.00 AM to 1.00 AM ET. While on Saturday and Sunday you can contact from 8.00 AM to 10.30 PM ET.

Also you can mutual reach Jewelers at 844 517-0556 you can contact here from Monday to Thursday from 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM ET and on Friday you can contact from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM ET.