Geico Landlord Insurance Policy Quote

Landlord insurance is obviously a property insurance coverage policy for the owner who rents his property. Landlord insurance policy allows you to rent your property with confidence. GEICO insurance policy helps you even if you own multiple rental properties or you need to sublet your home for a year if you are going to travel for business. GEICO insurance gives you peace of mind and provides you landlord coverage according to your desire. Landlord insurance is nothing but property and liability coverage that you to protect your belongings in specific property as you are owner of Landlord insurance policy. This insurance policy from GEICO provides you coverage for liability situations; structure damage and many more factors are included. You can have landlord home insurance policy if you are responsible for entire building which also includes exterior and roof. If you are only responsible for interior structure of home then you can have landlord condo insurance is right for you to protect your investment. You can contact 800 841-2964 for applying freely for landlord insurance quote.

Geico Landlord Insurance Policy Quote

What are GEICO Landlord insurance policy tenant types?

Basically GEICO provides you three policy tenants which include long term, short term and frequent short term.

  • They provide you long term rental which are more than six months.
  • It also includes occasional short term rental for you.
  • They provide you frequent short term rental. Which you can frequently use whenever you require.

What things are covered in GEICO landlord insurance coverage policy?

  • It covers damage to residence in your property.
  • They also cover damage to permanent structures on property.
  • It provides coverage for lost rent payments if temporary vacancy is resulted due to property repairs.
  • It covers liability coverage if someone is injured on your property.
  • You can also have additional coverage’s depending on your situation which includes things like providing coverage for items you own which are yours and stolen from the property. Coverage for time which property is under construction. Coverage for additional construction expenses to recover your damaged building.

What are things which may not be able to cover in GEICO Landlord Insurance Policy?

This coverage policy allows you to rent your property with good peace of mind which offers you coverage for unplanned expenses. But some of things may not be covered in this policy they are:


Normal maintenance is not covered by landlord insurance. Which includes maintenance of landlord furnished appliances.


Landlord policies are planned for non owner occupied properties. If you rent a room or floor of the home in which you are living in may require extra or additional policy coverage on your GEICO home owner policy instead of landlord policy.


Tenants should have renters insurance policy to cover their personal belongings, hence this coverage is not covered in GEICO Landlord Insurance policy.

How to apply for GEICO Landlord Insurance Quote online 

For applying to GEICO landlord insurance policy quote online you can follow the steps given below so it can be easy for you to apply for quote with less period of time without facing any problems.

  • Firstly you have to visit  which is official website of GEICO insurance company.
  • Then you have to click on menu icon located on left side top corner from your side of view.
  • Then you have to click on insurance option. After that you have to click on property insurance option.
  • After selecting property insurance option you need to click on landlord insurance. Then they will direct you to next page.
  • On next page you have to enter your ZIP Code so that they could easily get your location and you have to select whether you want to rent house or rent out a condo and then you have to click on start quote option.
  • And then you have to fill up with your personal details like name, Date of Birth, your detailed address, email address, contact number etc.
  • They will ask about your property details like purchasing year, material of ceiling, walls, area of property etc.
  • They will also ask about details of things in your property which may include furniture, structures, useable things etc. You can use their calculator to add value of things in your property.  
  • They will ask you about if any insurance policy you had before then you have to mention it with details.
  • After completing your details you will get quote on submitting your details by clicking on submit option.
  • They will provide you details about monthly payments with different plans from which you can choose wisely the one which is affordable for you.

How can you contact or speak to sales agent?

You can contact a sales agent on 800 841-2964. You can contact in Florida from Monday to Friday from 8.00AM onwards to 9.00PM ET. At Hawaii from Monday to Friday from 7.30 AM onwards to 5.00 PM HST. And All Others can Contact from Monday to Friday from 7.OO AM onwards to 1.00 AM ET. Saturday to Sunday from 8.00 AM onwards to 10.30 PM ET